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Exciting News for NECA WA Members powered by the Ascora Team

NECA WA Members - Get ready for a whole new interactive experience from 27th June 2017 brought to you by the Ascora team.

Ascora Team
June 14, 2017

Ascora Update – Booking Confirmations

Keep your Customers in the loop even easier in Ascora - now with single-click Booking Confirmations right from the Scheduler!

Ascora Team
May 28, 2017

Toolbox Tip - Get The Most Out Of Your Ascora Trial

Just signed up for a 14-day Free Ascora Trial and not sure where to start now? Here’s my top tips in getting the most out of your 14-day trial.

Ascora Team
May 13, 2017

Can Software Really Benefit My Business?

Read on how software can benefit your business as published in the Master Plumber magazine Autumn 2017 edition written by The Ascora Team

Ascora Team
May 05, 2017

5 Tips On How To Get Repeat Customers for Your Business

Good customer service is crucial to get repeat customers. Today we drill into the top 5 customer services a customer will expect from their tradies to go back to.

Ascora Team
April 22, 2017

10 Admin tips that will save you time and give your sanity back

Here’s 10 admin tips that will save you time and give you back your sanity:

Ascora Team
April 16, 2017

Toolbox Tip - Handling Difficult Customers

Every business has them - Difficult Customers! The latest update to Ascora now ensures your team are aware of an Customers that are on hold before any further work is performed!

Ascora Team
April 08, 2017

Still paying extra fees for add-ons to your Job Management Software?

Ascora comes with crucial Add-Ons like electronic forms, GPS tracking, customer enquiry portal, accounts Integration and credit card processing for free.

Ascora Team
March 22, 2017

The Plumber from the Future

Dave returns from the future to dominate with an unfair advantage. Harness the technology of tomorrow to become a techno-tradie like Dave and boost your business (and your life).

Ascora Team
March 11, 2017