Partner Program

Every business needs to utilize the power of technology as they grow to implement efficient workflows and be more organized so they can focus on what matters.

Join us as Ascora Ambassadors or Ascora Experts to help your Trade Clients benefit from Ascora.

Existing Partner/Customer

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Become an Ascora Expert

We will provide you with comprehensive training to allow you to help your Trades Clients to maximize the potential of Ascora for their businesses. Ascora Experts share a Tradie’s passion in growing their business utilizing the most suitable tools out in the market.

Ascora Experts include:

  • Trusted business advisors
  • Software implementors
  • Software integrators

How it works

Sign up to be an Ascora Expert.

Refer and Sign up Clients to Ascora using your Partner Code (above).

If the lead becomes an Ascora client, you receive above industry average commission for the life of the client.

*Annual fee of $450 is required to cover training

Become an Ascora Ambassador

We will provide you with regular updates so you can stay on top of Ascora and provide the latest information to your Trade Clients. Ascora Ambassadors refer their Trade Clients to Ascora so their clients businesses can benefit from using Ascora.

Ascora Ambassadors include:

  • Accountants
  • Bookkeepers
  • Business consultants

How it works

Refer a lead to Ascora (this can be as easy as sending them to the Ascora website or provide them with an Ascora Brochure or business card).

Enter your Partner code and the client's details on our online form (above).

We will contact the lead and arrange for a free demonstration and give a full evaluation on how they can benefit from Ascora.

If the lead becomes a client, we will send you a $50 voucher or donation to charity of your choice, as our way to say thanks for sending the client our way.

*No joining fee