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Your demo presentation will involve one of our product specialists taking you through the Ascora program.

Based on how you answered this form, different features will come under focus to help you decide whether Ascora is right for you.

Ideally, the decision maker (i.e. the individual with purchasing power) should be present for the demo. Business management software is complex and it can be hard to convey the advantages, disadvantages and value added to the purchaser if they are not present.

In addition you may wish to have other invested parties present, but this is not neccessary.

A demo will normally run 1 Hour and includes the demonstration, additional question time and an explanation of our implementation packages.

All demonstrations will come with question time as standard.

Additional questions can be directed to the product specialist, or to the email address provided.

You can start your trial without doing a demo, however we highly recommend doing a demo to determine if Ascora is right for you.

Doing a demo will allow us to help you determine what implementation plan is right for you and will be considered an essential step in implementing Ascora into your business.

You will receive an email confirming your demo booking. This email will contain a link to an online meeting platform which you can join at the time of the demo. Further reminders will be sent as the time nears.

In preparation for the demo we recommend viewing our Demo Video prior to the live demo for a general overview of Ascora.This will give you more time to ask questions and enable you to get the most out of the live demo.


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